Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the crab

i am forced to think about cancer. this dumb plague-ish disease that seems to eventually infect my question is what the fuck is the point of being "cautious" about cancer for?

so, my grandma came up to stay with my mum and dad for a couple months from alabama for chemo. that was nice, having her around, and stuff. what's funny to me is, how my mum tried to talk to me about it. like, i'd already heard she had lung cancer from my baby bro, we tend to try and tell each other family stuff with as little actual familial contact as possible.she all sits on the fone and starts doing that fake cry thing. and like, "you should seriously consider quiting smokin, since lung cancer runs in the family, you are at high risk." 

ha! that's exactly WHY i REFUSE to quit smoking.

"I'm smoking now, while I'm talking to you, mom."
she says i am being negative, why the fuck am i so negative all the time, i don't think i'm negative, i'm just realistic!

my gran never smoked a god damned day in her life. and she got lung cancer.

her husband, who did smoke, my grandpa, died of cancer when i was a baby.

i mean, seriously, dude, it doesn't matter if i smoke or not, obviously everybody in my family is going to have cancer anyway. i LIKE smoking. so why the fuck stop.


however, this brings me to my next point. so, have you ever noticed that cancer is like THE ultimate american disease? and fairly recent, to boot. you don't really hear about people dying of cancer that much in other countries, you know? and you damn sure don't read about people dying of cancer in the history books and shit. so, here's what i think. cancer is the result of someone american indian voodoo. 

you know, i mean, americans think they are so goddamn awesome and so good and shit, and the best country ever, and look how it got started. none of us are ACTUALLY FROM here, because we are all IMMIGRANTS, who happened to drive out the fucking people that actually lived here in the first place; and with christianity being the main religious base behind all this heinous behavior, WHY HAS NO ONE THOUGHT THAT **MAYBE**, just maybe, these innocent, peaceful people, who are known to have believed and called upon all kinds of spirits and energies, WOULD CAST A FUCKING SPELL THAT CAUSES ALL KINDS OF HARM AND DEATH TO US, FOR GENERATIONS AND GENERATIONS???????????? OMG, LIKE DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH, i might add, NO KNOWN CURE!!!

ok. twiggz view on cancer. the end. thank you, thank you. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hullo hullo

so, here i am, your favorite miss twiggz, and i am attempting to become more with the times and be like, all on the internet and shit. so this blog is meant to promote my artwork and my zine's, plus, i have lots of opinions that no one cares about or wants to hear, so, i figure, i may as well, write them...somewhere.


ok, so, hopefully vur soon i will be posting some new work for...whoever ends up peeking my shit.

for now, that is all! honey nut cheerio!